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 Wowza ClearCasterâ„¢
Wowza ClearCasterâ„¢ built with help from Facebook. The Wowza ClearCasterâ„¢
Appliance is purpose-built to ensure the most successful broadcasts on Facebook Live

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Wowza ClearCaster 20,000+ Organizations Power Their Streaming With Wowza.
Wowza ClearCasterâ„¢ built with help from Facebook. The Wowza ClearCasterâ„¢ Appliance is purpose-built to ensure the most successful broadcasts on Facebook Live.

WOWZA Stream Live to Facebook

Wowza ClearCaster

The Wowza ClearCaster appliance is a Facebook Live solution purpose-built to improve the success of your Facebook Live broadcasts. Deeply integrated with the Facebook Live application, the ClearCaster automatically sets the appropriate settings and dynamically adjusts them throughout the broadcast if network conditions change. Ready to deliver the highest possible resolution Facebook Live supports and with its built-in, professional-grade features, ClearCaster is the best way to provide confident connection to Facebook Live.

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Wowza ClearCaster Software Version is now available!
With this update, ClearCaster offers exciting new features to create even better broadcasts, including:
1. Premium Transcoding Tier
Wowza ClearCaster now offers all users publishing access to the premium transcoding tier of Facebook Live. This tier offers more reliability and quality than the consumer side of Facebook Live by publishing via two additional output renditions (1080p and 144p) as well as support for up to 60fps video. Publish on the infrastructure Facebook built for premium content providers.
2. Optimized 60fps Encoding
Wowza has fine-tuned encoding for high motion video. Improve the viewer experience of your high motion gaming or sports content and execute your streaming workflows with encoding that's highly tuned for 60fps content. Note that streaming at higher frame rates will require greater onsite bandwidth.

3. More Stream Health Metrics
ClearCaster now integrates with Facebook stream health to give you a full view of the first mile. New health monitoring metrics include real-time bitrate performance both coming out of the appliance as well as being ingested into Facebook.

4. Free Titling & Graphics
Use any browser-based source with ClearCaster to add professional production and branding to your broadcast. Wowza has partnered with Vidpresso to create the perfect social streaming graphics. Use the standard packages for free, or pay a small one-time fee to have Vidpresso create a fully customized graphics package.
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WOWZA ClearCaster WOWZA Stram to Facebook Live

Connect with confidence to Facebook Live and ensure success with your follower-driven broadcasts.
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