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We love TV and movies. And, we love the people who make them. Until recently, most people who created TV shows and movies to tell their stories were famous, or had a big pile of money to invest in a production. But today, virtually anyone can do it. All you need is an idea, some determination and a few NewTek tools to bring your creative vision to life.

We’re NewTek

At NewTek, our goal is to let people get their hands on the tools they need to make a “real” TV show―not just a funny YouTube clip or home movie from Dad’s camcorder. We’re talking full-on, HD broadcast television. That’s right, you can make a show, deliver it live over the Web, and your fans can watch it anywhere they want—TV, computer, phone—anything that’s connected. More than that, your show can have everything you love about TV and movies, like awesome visual effects and motion graphics. (Yes, you too can blow things up, and even make your own Death Star.)

NewTek has a long history of giving people the tools to create their own shows. Everything we’ve done—and continue to do—starts with the conversations we have with people who are looking for new ways to entertain, inform, and engage with audiences—and make money doing it. Today, you can build a webcast network in your garage, start your own television channel, produce a live event, and stream it to all your Facebook fans. Discover ways to make money through online ads, sponsorships, or subscriptions. Bring home an Emmy® for the work you do. NewTek customers are doing all this, and more—and we’ve got their backs every step of the way.

How did we get here?

NewTek was founded in 1986, by Tim Jenison―scientist, artist, musician and unfulfilled filmmaker. Tim, and a group of other wannabe movie-makers set out to break free from the studio establishment and make their own films and television shows. They invented some pretty amazing tools that were easy to use (no rocket science required), affordable (don’t mortgage the house), and just plain fun.

Tens of thousands of people fell in love with NewTek’s pioneering Video Toaster®— the world’s first real “television studio-in-a-box.” For the first time, everything to make a broadcast television show was available in one system: live switching, digital video transitions, titling, keying, video paint, still store, and 3D animation. NewTek ignited the desktop video revolution, and television production was never the same.

One of the incredible capabilities inside the Video Toaster was LightWave 3D®—a 3D animation toolset that paved the way for visual effects-laden television, animated films, and top-selling video games to hit the market, including “Babylon 5,” Stephen Spielberg’s “seaQuest DSV,” and “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.”

In 1993, NewTek made LightWave 3D available as standalone software. 3D graphics and animation no longer took a PhD, a supercomputer, and $40,000 worth of software. Starving artists everywhere could turn their creative vision into reality—fast, and on a shoestring budget. In fact, many of those starving LightWave™ artists went on to win Emmy® Awards for their stunning visual effects work―more so than any other group of 3D artists.

Where we’re going…

Today, our mission is the same as when we started out. We believe that at some point in the near future, your favorite shows will be produced by someone you know. Maybe even you. The NewTek team continues to work at making it easy and really cost-effective for anyone to produce great television. Whether it’s live production and streaming, slow motion and instant replay, motion graphics and visual effects—we make a range of tools to help get the job done.

Today, our main product families include:

  • TriCaster™ – All-in-one, integrated live production system that offers the power of a live network studio. When paired with live streaming over the Web, anyone can create and share a professional TV show. Students, premiere broadcast networks, major league sports networks and teams, along with some of the world’s biggest corporations—all use TriCaster to produce and stream live events, and expand their audiences, faster than ever before.

  • 3Play™– Slow motion and instant replay system for sports producers at all levels. Easy to use, with a very small footprint, and at a fraction of the cost of other replay systems, 3Play allows field crews, vans and trucks, local broadcasters, smaller facilities, collegiate and educational athletic departments to produce energetic highlight recaps, with play-by-pay commentary that turns average spectators into passionate fanatics.

As we move forward…

We’re guided by a singular focus: To help creative professionals get their stories out of their heads and onto screens in ways that just weren’t possible a few years ago. The beauty of storytelling with NewTek is that there really aren’t any boundaries that prevent people from touching the hearts and minds of today’s digitally driven audience. At the end of the day, our success is based on the feedback we receive from the creative production community, and we welcome your insight as we reinvent the possibilities of storytelling. Let us know what’s on your mind, and we’ll do our part to make sure it only gets easier for your voice to be heard and be seen—anywhere and everywhere.

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