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SKAARHOJ Tally System at Videolink
Use the Tally Box system to take full control of your live video production.
It's a small and simple yet very powerful tool for optimizing the flow of a production.
Get the tools you need from Videolink!

SKAARHOJ The SKAARHOJ Tally System is a great add-on for your live video-production. The tally light have two LEDs; one facing the camera operator and the big one facing the presenter. It's possible to switch the main LED on/off via a switch on the tally light and the operator LED have both program and preview tally (can be dimmed). The Tally Box allows up to 8 tally lights, connecting either direct via the box, or by daisy chain running from tally light to tally light.

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SKAARHOJ Tally system

The Tally Lights enclosures are made of solid aluminum so they can take a beating for a life on the road.

Simple but effective.
Mount these small tally lights and improve your live video workflow.

Heads up - you're next!
The tally light have both program and preview tally.

Everything you need for a Tally system.
A SKAARHOJ Tally box and a couple of Tally lights - then you're good to go.

- Program + preview tally
- No need for Blackmagic Design GPI & Tally Interface
- Star connection
- Daisy chain connection
- Kensington lock
- Configuration of input assignments and IP addresses via web interface
- Solid enclosure with black or blue anodized aluminum plates
- Compatible with all BMDs video switchers
- Tested with 200m cable
- 100% Creative Commons/Open Source design (CC-by-sa or GNU/GPL)

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Tally Box

The SKAARHOJ Tally Box supports a total of 8 tally The SKAARHOJ Tally Box supports a total of 8 tally lights and offers both program + preview tally. You connect it to your ATEM network and the lights to the 8 outputs. You can either connect them one by one or in a daisy chain configuration by a maximum of 3 in a row.

The order of the daisy chain is determined by which output you choose (numbers listed on the box). In the default-shipping configuration it will have the following assignment.

- Output 1 = Tally ID 1
- Output 2 = Tally ID 2
- Output 3 = Tally ID 3
- Etc.
It's possible to connect single lights and daisy chain simultaneous, e.g. Output 1 = Tally 1, Output 2 = Tally 2 and Output 3 = Tally 3+4 in daisy chain (since it's output 3-4-1)

If preferable you can alter the assignments of Output/Tally ID. E.g.

- Output 1 = Tally 5
- Output 2 = Tally 6
- Output 3 = Tally 7
- Output 4 = Tally 8
In a daisy chain configuration this would result in

- Output 1-2-3 = Tally 5-6-7
- Output 2-3-4 = Tally 6-7-8
- Output 3-4-1 = Tally 7-8-5
- Etc.
Web Interface
Setting tally input assignments
(preview + program)
Tally Light

Tally Light
The Tally Light is mounted by the hot shoe and the main LED can be turned on/off by a small switch.
The operator LED lights green for preview tally, red for program tally and can be dimmed by a switch as well.

Buy a fully assembled Tally system ready to work out of the box.

What you get is:

- Fully Assembled Tally Box + Tally Lights
- UniSketch Web Interface
- 12V Power Supply
- Networking cable
- USB programming cable
- Manuals and Software: See

Designs and Options are:

Tally Box (8 channels): $699 US
Tally Light: $249 US

Contact Us -1-800-567-8481

Package Deals:

- Tally Box (8ch) + 2 Tally Lights: $1149 US
- Tally Box (8ch) + 3 Tally Lights: $1349 US
- Tally Box (8ch) + 4 Tally Lights: $1549 US
- Tally Box (8ch) + 5 Tally Lights: $1749 US
- Tally Box (8ch) + 6 Tally Lights: $1949 US

Contact Us -1-800-567-8481

For systems with 7 Tally lights or more, contact us to get a quote.



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