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Since our inception in 1987 we have always been, and will continue to be on the cutting edge of technology, proudly offering our customers only the finest, and highest quality products, from the top manufacturers and vendors on the planet, whose missions are to support the Video Production & Audio/Visual industries. Cutting edge technology, sales, service and support.

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Testimonial 1

If ever there was a group of companies that would go the extra mile for their clients and customers, VideoLink is well established amoungst them.  The TriCaster 455, our latest acquisition, provides us with a powerful, reliable tool set at a price point we can afford. The combination of the service from VideoLink and the thoroughness and flexibility of the Newtek Tricaster 455 will keep me loyal to this team!

York University - ABEL Program
Innovations Technical Manager
Obadiah George

Testimonial 2

I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know how much of a success we had this summer with our Tech Summer Camps thanks to our Tricaster. We integrated it in to a 'Day of Broadcasting' and it worked tremendously. Our students, who were Grade 7 and 8 students, were able to record themselves using the Tricaster to show all the elements they created at summer camp.

Using the LiveSet software included, they placed themselves in a professional set with a TV over their shoulder which showed the photos they shot during our Photography day, the Stop Motion movie they created during Animation Day, and the movie they created on Film Day. Parents were quite taken by how easily we placed the students on the set, and how it adapted by projecting reflections and shadows as they moved. I am still amazed at what our system can do. Our final day Friday included several 'Parent Tours' as kids proudly brought parents upstairs to show them the production quality of what they could produce, in such a small space.

This summer we tested some new curriculum which we will bring in to the classroom this September. Using our Subscirption to an online Production Service, we inegrated Hollywood Special effects to our Movie Day. Students were running all over the school filming meteor destruction and lightning strikes which were pre-keyed with Green.

The Tricaster has shown once again that whether it is live production against our Studio Green Screen, or working with Keyed special effects, students as young as 12 can be taught to produce professional material using this excellent product. When our new studios open in September it will remain a key element of our curriculum and our Daily Broadcast.

Brent Bissell
Broadcasting Communications
Clarke Road Secondary School

Testimonial 3

Bruce is an outstanding business owner whose company “VideoLink” specializes in selling advanced video technology. Bruce is so widely recognized in the broadcast industry that is seems like he knows everyone and everyone knows him. I bought my first video capture card from Bruce and now over 12 years later find myself with an impressive resume having worked for many major broadcasters and running my own video production company. If you don’t know Bruce, you need to give him a call. He is a great connection to have.

Rob Tosh
Producer, Videographer, Editor
Garage Studios

Testimonial 4

Hi Bruce, Thanks for all the great service and all your help in our Purchase of the Tricaster Mini! This was the best investment that we ever did, and we thank you just for being awesome.

José Lemos

Testimonial 5

When it comes to Video/Broadcast equipment and the streaming industry, Bruce in my opinion has the most knowledge out of everyone I have ever met in this industry. Bruce is always in touch with the latest and greatest technologies to make sure that his customers receive the best equipment for their budget needs. He is all about making sure that everyone he comes into contact with is taken care of in a timely fashion and if he can't answer your questions(which rarely happens), he will find someone that can. He is also one of the few people that can be reached 24/7. Works day and night.

Maria Jones
Operations Manager
Videolink Inc.

Testimonial 6

As a NewTek and LiveStream reseller in Quebec, I have had the occasion to work with and for Bruce at Videolink. Bruce is what I would call a highly energized person when it comes to his business and his product lines. His enthusiasm is only matched by the amount he cares for his customers. You want Bruce on your side. He is an incredible ally. I have found him to be more than fair in all of our business dealings. He says what he will do and he does what he says. In todays business world that is a rarity and the reason he is consistently highly ranked as a reseller. I would not hesitate to recommend him or his business to anyone.

Mike Reid

Testimonial 7

Bruce is a very dedicated individual, who strives on excellent customer service. With a vast knowledge of all products that he sells and rents! Second to none in his industry!

Zai Toussaint
HeatScore Entertainment

Testimonial 8

I have dealt with Bruce for years as my NewTek supplier and overall 'AV coach', when working for the Ontario government and as captain of my own ship. I can't say enough about how great he is to work with - nobody knows more, nor cares/tries harder to look after his clients than he does. Thanks Bruce, for always being there!

John Darmody
Live Media Webcasting and Film Services

Testimonial 9

Bruce Richardson is an unstoppable force! A machine! If he believes in your product he is the champion you want out there in front of clients!

Philip Nelson
CRO - Chief Relationship Officer at

Testimonial 10

I have known and worked with Bruce since 1993 and I'm always coming back for more of his time and knowlege! He has actually helped me in ways that "he" doesn't even know! Thank you Bruce! I would recommend Bruce to anyone with a dream because Bruce is a super star dreamer who I love working with!

Frank Wilks
DOGFISH Publishing (music)

Testimonial 11

I got to know Bruce Richardson several years ago when he rented space in his facility to me for my music studio. I got to see, first hand, the kind of work he does, the way he treats people, and his passion for both his work and for life. He quickly became a role model, and a friend. His integrity, his honesty and his sincerity are of the highest order. I would trust him implicitly. Bruce is genuine. He is truly one of the good ones.

David Henman

Testimonial 12

I have had the pleasure of working with Bruce Richardson of VideoLink Canada for almost 20 years now. Bruce is a unique individual with incredible drive and passion for what he does. He has over 20 years experience with pre, post and live video production. His list of clients is impressive and he has maintained most of the clients for over a decade. He always goes the extra mile for his clients and remains one of the top producing re-sellers for my company. I would highly recommend Bruce and Videolink to anyone looking for the services they provide.

Don Ballance
VP of Training Development

Testimonial 13

Bruce is your guy for Newtek anything!

Laura Roy
Communications Technician

Videolink Inc.

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