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NewTek - TriCaster 40 / TC40
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TriCaster 40 / TC40

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Videolink Canada - NewTek Elite Partner - NewTek TriCaster 40

TriCaster 40 / TC40 is built for people like you: live event webcasters, videoconference studios, meeting and event staffs, streaming media pros and mid-size worship producers. Anyone who wants to create the highest-quality, professional live video projects with SDI cameras, minimal budgets and tight spaces—and not look back when the event is over.

The multi-camera production and streaming tool you've been saving for - at a price that shortens the wait. Professional-grade live production doesn't have to cost a fortune. Keeping up with the demands of viewers, and streaming live wherever your audience watches - are now easy to do, and affordable for smaller budgets, too.

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TriCaster 40 / TC40

Finding a way to produce high-quality video programming can be a challenge when you're on a tight budget. But now, there's an easy way to avoid the pitfalls of discount equipment that doesn't measure up, pieced-together set-ups with hidden costs, and complicated controls that require a master technician.

Don't worry. Your shows will look anything but small. TriCaster 40 is an all-in-one live production and streaming system that lets you publish live media, reaching more viewers - in more places - affordably. It's the answer you've been looking for to solve your switching, streaming and recording demands - in one compact system. Right out of the box, push the boundaries with bigger-looking, network-quality live productions - every time.

TriCaster 40 from NewTek

Videolink Canada - NewTek Elite Partner - NewTek TriCaster 40 Live Desktop Monitors

  1. Live Desktop Monitors
    Preview internal and external video sources in real time, with built-in audio meters.

  2. Network Sources
    Share computer screens or displays from wireless Apple® AirPlay® devices, like iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod®, connected to the same local network as TriCaster.

  3. DDR (Digital Disk Recorder)
    Load and playback your own stored video clips, video packages and pre-produced motion graphics in a wide range of media file formats.

  4. Graphics
    Add titles, images and graphics to your show, importing your own original artwork, choosing from a variety of included templates, or building new designs using the included LiveText application.

  5. Preview Monitor
    View the source selected on the Preview row, which becomes the video output upon pressing Take for a cut, or pressing Auto for a transition.

  6. Program Monitor
    View the source selected on the Program row, which is also the video output signal for broadcast, live stream, projector and/or record.

  7. Recording
    Capture your live production as a full resolution video file to show later or save for your archive.

  8. Live Streaming
    Launch live streaming video of your show to the Web at the touch of a button. TriCaster 40 includes presets for the most common streaming profiles, in resolutions up to 720p.

  9. Live Production Switcher
    Switch between 14 video channels, including external video and network sources, internal media sources, and virtual inputs.

  10. Transitions
    Use dynamic effects to change shots and apply graphics. Independent settings for each video layer let you mix and match transitions for the base video and both downstream keys.

  11. TransWarp Effects
    Enhance your show using animated transitions and effects with full-color overlays, embedded audio, and 3D warping of video. Animation Store Creator is also included to build custom transitions and effects.

  12. Virtual Inputs
    Setup virtual sets, layer live elements, create picture-in-picture effects, and more, from any available live and stored video sources, and assign the composite effect to a single switcher button.

  13. Live Virtual Sets
    Get the look of a network-style studio with built-in virtual sets in a variety of styles and settings. Sets include multiple angles, virtual camera shot presets and animated zoom control for realistic presentation.

  14. Multi-Channel Audio Mixer
    Enjoy clear, crisp audio with adjustable audio controls for internal and external sources, plus stream and master outputs.

TriCaster 40 / Schematics Diagram
Videolink Canada - NewTek Elite Partner - NewTek TriCaster 40 System Diagram

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