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NewTek LightWave & Application Software


NewTek Application Software

Bring your productions up several notches with the software applications available for the TriCaster line of complete, multi-camera video production and streaming systems. From titling and editing software to give your programs a personal edge, to specially designed virtual sets that you can customize to meet your needs and create a signature look across your brand. With NewTek’s innovative software applications, you don't need a high-dollar budget or a lot of complicated equipment to give your programming a truly professional look.

TriCaster Virtual Set Editor 2.5 (VSE2)

Elevate your production affordably with the breakthrough Virtual Set Editor 2.5 application. Go from incognito to instantly familiar, with spectacular elements like realistic live virtual sets, premium animations, signature themes and custom-branded environments. Includes dual licenses and Animation Store Creator.
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Tricaster 8000

$1495 US -Contact Us -1-800-567-8481  
Tricaster Virtual Set Editor 2

NewTek LiveText 3.0 with DataLink 3

Attention-grabbing titles and graphics. Transform any PC on your network into a dedicated titling station for TriCaster® productions. The must-have companion application for fast-paced, graphics-heavy, or data-driven productions, LiveText lets you share the workload with standalone title creation and operation. Build and edit titles on the fly to send to TriCaster over the network in real time. Prepare custom graphics packages offline and export for use with upcoming projects. And make your presentations pop with live lower thirds, OSBs, logo bugs, full-page graphics, scrolls, crawls, and more.

Tricaster 8000

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Tricaster Live Text Software

NewTek Lightwave Software

This is NewTek LightWave. Modeling, animation and rendering tools that bring out the artist in you—not the technician. The LightWave interface is intuitive, with easy tools to create your content and a straightforward stage with cameras and lights where you can put it all together and bring it to life. You’ll also find LightWave to be amazingly interactive. Change a light. Change a color. Rotate around your scene to get another perspective. See it right now.

There’s a reason that LightWave artists have won more Emmy® Awards for their stunning visual effects work than any other group of 3D users. If you can dream it, you can make it.

Today, 3D is everywhere. It’s in all the obvious places—explosions, sci-fi media, illustrations, and design. Then there’s what you don’t see. The film shot in Toronto that looks like New York. The ad with a car on a mountaintop. The photo of the new hotel in Dubai—that hasn’t been built yet.

Whether you create motion graphics and visual effects for film and TV,  architecture and design, informational graphics, or video games, you need tools to work for you—not against you. You need to hit your deadlines, meet your budget and transport your audience.

$1495 US - Contact Us -1-800-567-8481

NewTek LightWave 11.6 Teaser


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