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Videolink - Tally Lights - Metasetz

So you have this fancy Tricaster or video switcher with all the bells and whistles, except one very important “bell".

How does your talent know which camera to look at when doing a live production in your studio?

A very common problem  is that there is no tally light system for the cameras. A tally light system is usually an afterthought for the smaller, non-network broadcast studio because there is no cost-effective or workable solution.

Tally lights are important tools in a broadcast studio. Ever been in a professional studio that did not have tally lights for all of the cameras? If the professionals think it’s important, it should be high on the list of “must haves” for all studios. So it’s a must have, but how do you do it? Most studios use portable cameras as their studio cameras and they have no true built-in tally light. Not to worry... Videolink who has proudly partnered with Tally Lights and Metasetz and we have have your solution!

Videolink in partnership with Tally Lights and Metasetz have the solution!

Videolink - Tally Lights - Metasetz

Tally-Lights. We provide solutions for a wide range of Tally Lights System including the NewTek TriCaster series and most other popular video switchers/mixers. Our expert electronics engineers provide reliable and affordable solutions to your Tally light needs. All work is guaranteed!

Videolink - Tally Lights - Metasetz

MetaSETZ has complete tally light solutions for all TriCasters including those without built in tally connections like the Duo, TC100 and TriCaster Pro. Plus they offer some innovative features above and beyond simple red tally lights.

Tally lights serve two purposes. The first is to make it obvious which camera is live for the on-camera talent and the second is to keep the camera operator aware of his camera's status.

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