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Hollyland COSMO
Focusing on Wireless Data
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hollyland-cosmo Hollyland technology founded in 2012 focusing on wireless data. Hollyland's designers and engineers offer cutting edge technology while maintaining the most cost competitive and comprehensive solutions for all your high definition wireless video transmission and HDMI solutions needs.

Hollyland Cosmo 1000X

The Cosmo 1000X Cosmo Plate is an optimized receiver antenna based on the Cosmo 1000 antenna. There are 5 high gain antenna ports. This increases communication distances from 2000 to 3000 feet and decreases interference from the back side.

- Working Distance: 2000FT, up to 3300FT,
- Centralized Signal & Reduce Interference,
- Waterproof Carrying Case included,
- 5.9 – 5.8 GHz MIMO Panel Antenna,
- Enhances Wireless Video Transmission,
- 5x14dBi High Gain Antenna,
- 5 Ports: 3 Ports Vertical, 2 ports ± 45°

Cosmo 1000X - $600 US
$400 US if you combine it with a Cosmo 1000

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COSMO 400ft Wireless
HDMI/SDI HD Video Transmission Suite

The Hollyland HLWH005 is a zero delay(<1ms) wireless video system that transmits uncompressed 1080p 60Hz video up to 400ft over the 5.1-5.9GHz band. It includes one transmitter (HDMI/SDI input) and one receiver (HDMI/SDI output), 1 transmitter can support 4 receivers simultaneously under the same frequency band. The wireless suite can accept wide range DC power input, which is suitable for many kinds of camera battery model.The suite also can sustain ±4 kV ESD (HBM, contact discharge), the industry class metal case and professional heat design would guarantee most robust reliability.

400 Foot Wireless HDMI/SDI HD Video Transmission Suite Transmitter and Receiver - $2000 US

400 Foot Wireless HDMI/SDI HD Receiver - $1400 US

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COSMO 1000ft Wireless
HDMI/SDI HD Video Transmission Suite

The Long Range Wireless HDMI/SDI Transmission Suite utilizes today’s most advanced wireless video transmission technology, which can realize the broadcast-class and uncompressed 3G SDI/HDMI HD video signal transmitted with no compression and zero delay. The suite includes one transmitter and one receiver, where the transmitter provides a 3G/HD SDI input and a HDMI input, and the receiver also provides a 3G/HD SDI output and a HDMI output. The wireless HD suite has 2 stick antennas in transmitter side, and 5 stick antennas in receiver side, and it can work in 5.1-5.9GHz frequency band and be flexibly software configured to licensed or ISM band of global different regions, as well as the side panel of both transmitter and receiver have been installed a frequency select knob, which provides maximum 10 workable frequency channels, and supports maximum 4 sets working simultaneously.

1000 Foot Wireless HDMI/SDI HD Video Transmission Suite Transmitter and Receiver - $3800 US

1000 Foot Wireless HDMI/SDI HD Receiver - $2280 US

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COSMO 1500ft Wireless
HDMI/SDI HD Video Transmission Suite

Hollyland's Cosmo 1500 Wireless HDMI/SDI Transmission System adds crucial bidirectional communiction with your camera operators. When the control room needs a certain shot or frame it's instantly conveyed to the operator. When the talent needs to know if they're live, tally light support lets them know. It supports both HDMI and SDI input and output with a working distance up to 1000 feet and operates over the 5G frequency band. The Hollyland Cosmo 1500 transmits 4:2:2 video at less than 1ms of delay with no compression, offering flawless image quality instantly wherever you need it.

1500 Foot Long Range Wireless HDMI/SDI HD Video Transmission Suite Transmitter and Receiver With Bidirectional Intercom and Tally
- $7450 US

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Hollyland Screenlink
Hollyland Screenlink 300
300ft Wireless HDMI Transmission and Control System for PTZ Camera and Large LED Display

Hollyland's Screenlink 300 Wireless Video Transmission Sytem for large LED displays utilizes todays most advanced wireless video transmission technology. It supports HDMI input and output, EDID pass through and encrypted transmission. It can be supported by RS232 port to implement the wireless transmission function. Video transmission distance is up to 300ft, operates over the 5G frequency band and transmits 4:4:4: video at less than 1 ms of delay with no compression. This offers flawless image quality.

$1599 US

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