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Videolink Professional Broadcast Monitor VLC-4K28
Are widely used in TV news production, broadcasting houses, TV
broadcasting trucks and other fields.
Get the tools you need from Videolink!

Videolink Broadcasting Monitors Videolink Inc.® Broadcast Monitors with broadcast quality SD, HD and Ultra HD monitoring! Machined metal design improves stability and reliability. Videolink Inc.® 4k series with extremely high resolution full resolution allows you to see every pixel in an Ultra HD image! Advanced Connections: SDI, HDMI, YPbPr, DVI, VGA, Audio, Video, meet the field multiple application.


Carry On Monitor 4K 
Monitor 4K238-9HSD-SCH-CO

Videolink Monitor VLC-4K28

Screen Size:28"
Resolution:3840×2160 pixels
Aspect ratio:16:9


SDI, Stereo Headphone, Speaker(built-in)


$1300.00 US - Contact Us -1-800-567-8481

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Videolink Monitors
Videolink Monitors Videolink Monitors

More Auxiliary Functions
More professional functions assist users to accurately monitor when shooting, making and playing movies/ videos.

Quad Split LCD Display
4K280-9HSD-CO is the professional cost-effective Quad-split LCD Monitors with 4 x HDMI inputs, provides a new display
solution for a wide range of applications that require ultrahigh resolution contents.

High Efficiency OSD Operation Design
You can fast and direct switching signal, and F1-F4 user-definable buttons, witch can be customized as shortcut function,
such as peaking, check field, display rotate, center marker, safe marker etc.

Rich Interfaces
Multiple inputs meet the best need of various professional display solutions.



Innovative Design Portable Aviation Aluminum Case
Specifically Design for Field Production

Unique Design for High Efficency
Time and Costs are important for film crews. This becomes more obvious if there are frequent scene changes during production.
The 4K238-9HSD-CO is based on how monitors are being used by film crews. Whether packing down or setting up a simplified design
makes this monitor ready for use quickly. There are no complex setup processes to go through.

Collapsable Sunshade
Design for easier viewing in bright environments.

$1300.00 US - Contact Us -1-800-567-8481


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